There is something that I have been chewing on quite a bit lately, and much of it stems from the studies I have been doing recently and the directions those have found a target in. I know what I want to build for myself, and that seems to a large degree to flow into the idea of actually doing for a living things that I want to do, that serve me creatively and also provide usefulness to myself and others.

Whilst observing a recent review on the Oculus Quest, it occurred to me that perhaps a good deal of my disappointment was in the fact that VR is primarily regarded more for a rich kid's plaything. I say that because I am watching these videos and realizing that these reviewers are simply not too much like the common man. And that is what an Oculus Go is primarily for at this point.

Note that is more my opinion than anything else, but I hope my point remains.

I have some time under my belt, and I remember the old days, before Mosaic, when everything was text, then the first glimmers of graphical HTML came out and the world finally went crazy. Okay, so that took a while, but it did happen, and we now have something quite different from the web of 2000.

I'm not in VR to just play games. I'm not really a gamer. Never have been. I've tried to be, but just really couldn't get into it. I was into Bloodrayne for a while, but that was because of the, ahem, art.

Python is good for system tasks, information gathering, processing, and scraping, and it's good for the Blender plugins and scripting. Blender is good for VR. I want to be able to visit a website and actually be in a room. Like VRML was supposed to do for us. Now we have A-frame and javascript and such, but I want to see this being used. I want to use it. I want it to be useful.

Could you imagine visiting a sports bar type VR site where you could eat your real food at a virtual bar and watch a feed of your favorite matchups? Or even get scores?

I expect more out of things like AltSpace and that other weird one that always tries to make me female for some reason. I'm not getting it. I want more out of the code, and it's slowly dawning on me that I might just have to become part of it. I can't be the only one on Earth that wants this.

What happens when I can actually visit a site and be met by a virtual chatbot that doesn't look like a recycled baking soda box or some runaway Minecraft fiasco piece? One that provides real information and can detect who I am by my cookie. And then, like Cheers, knows me by name? Or at least what I want it to call me?

It's out there. It's on the way. And that is a good part of what I have re-entered school for. I want to engineer for myself the things I like, and if you like it too, then that's awesome and we might be able to make it useful.

I'm getting older, so the thought of assistive technology is becoming more logical to me. We are growing our technology base every day, and it's a shame to think that we are using it to find new ways to play Tetris.

There are enough stupid videos. There is enough pr0n. What there is not enough of are actual functioning sites in VR to visit. I don't even think the VR vendors themselves have them, at least not that I've heard of or have been able to find.

So, I'm serious about this. I want to get to that level of creation and finally get joy out of the technology that I am working with, and I want it to be useful enough where anyone can use it. I want to release for Cardboard, for Go, for Quest. There are many useful things that VR and AR can bring, but I'm not sure we have really gotten our money's worth out of it just yet.