I'm getting back into the BBS scene.

For some of you, that will mean not a single damned thing, because you have no idea what in the hell a BBS is in the first place. It's a bulletin board system, and it says several things that have been forgotten in the 25-30 years I have been associated with computers and technology, along with the first gentle touches with the internet when I browsed the Megadeth website for the first time in 1993 with Lynx in a Lotus 1-2-3 class I ultimately failed because I discovered I could use the college email system to talk to people in China.

I had a friend in high school. Okay, so I still consider him a friend, although life got really messy in the last decade, and we don't have the ability to connect like we used to, but I have to give him mad credit for introducing me to BBSes in the late 80s and early 90s. He knows who he is. He'll probably read this.

Dude, I still appreciate you.

I grew from it. I found BBSes he didn't. Did things he didn't. (I count that as a good thing). Also did some shit I think he has no clue about. Almost got myself in a fuck ton of trouble, and had the FBI on my doorstep a time or two. Used to have a mini-VAX in my living room, for Chrissakes. That explains why I'm wearing a Digital shirt right now. And no, I'm not ever using that handle again. Not clear on the statutes of limitations.

A BBS is a system that in these days might be considered archaic and in some cases ugly, but you meet real people there, without the syndrome of being a faceless person in a crowd like on the bluebird, or yet another subject of fodder for either examination or advertising sales ala the book of faces.

Social media does not give a fuck about you, never have, never will. Fuck you. Bring them their money.

But your sysop gives a fuck if you can make your rent or if your dog just died. They're real people. They hurt. They see your hurt. Might not be able to do a goddamned thing about it, but it ain't bullshit thoughts and prayers.

I know I'm dropping a lot of F-bombs here, but I'm running on 52 and I'm loaded on Evans to keep my blood going and not have my 2d stroke. That shit ain't happening on my watch. I'll hack my own body the best I possibly can. I wanna see what the hell happens in the next 50 years.

Gimme at least 30 more, dammit.

I should outlive Ozzy and longer than George Burns. We'll see what Elon Musk has managed to invent by then. It's only fair, right?

But the point of this post is that I am bringing a new BBS to life called the Aleph BBS. There are awesome people out there working on improving the BBS world with the newer technologies and coding languages that we now have available. It isn't corporate, and it's the pure hacking world that was there when I first started with Linux, blowing up monitors, feeling like an idiot, but wanting to touch myself the first time I got a blue box to work, or learned to clip alligators onto a random stranger's house to connect to my fave BBSes and crack my first SunOS.

I would not be here babbling about that without it.

I will say since I'm lit like a firecracker right now,

Any old PH0N folkz out there, greetz. Itz the muthafucka you knew. Suprize!

Enough of that.

I miss my people. A guy that I highly respect made the comment that (very roughly paraphrased) all our BBS friends are all across the world now instead of local like they used to be back in the day. But I think we're absolutely fucking exasperated with being separated from one another, and I also believe those willing to hack on the technologies like I'm referring to stand a great chance of bringing a new kind of beauty to the world again as we had back in the day.

Don't misunderstand me. I love the Internet and all it brings. I love VR. Mark Pesce was an idol for many years, and he's still an awesome man. We're gonna push this shit forward, one way or the other.

My father used to say that "People just wanna be let alone." That's what makes social media different from a BBS. Social media wants every detail, including your blood type, your spawn, and how many times you spilled seed before you had that spawn. Which is none of their fucking business.

A BBS is your people. They may be pretty. ugly, fucked up, genius, but they become your tribe, and all you give a fuck about is that they're good. In other places, they whine and touch themselves in self-inflicted pain that they were offended in a tickle.

Fuck you.

You have no idea who the person next to you is, and you really don't care. But you should, just for sanity's sake, and that's where a BBS can help.

Unless you're a Karen. But then, you'd never leave the book of faces.

And I'm okay with that.