There was obviously more to do when I woke up. I had to convert my wirehead account from a simple headless style account to one that I could actually login with and set up i3. The trick to this is that when you run adduser on a new account, it will go ahead and create the account, but it won't be able to actually do anything. That requires a passwd. So in that event, you have to execute a different sequence and add the password.

Now I am in the window manager that I want to be in, and I have email  thanks to SeaMonkey that is POP based so all of my mail is off the  server. I have a whole lot of modifications and things left to do. But  now I have another thing. Fedora wants me to upgrade to Fedora 28,   instead of the 27 that I am currently on. I might just endure the pain  and go through it. We'll see. For the moment I have a clean unmodified  i3 and I will now have to make certain that I have my workspace just the  way that I want it for my future development and other uses. I also  have a terminal out to annwn so I have my finger on home base.

As I am taking a git class for work, I will soon understand how to  convert the instance at home to a git server, move my codebases into  that, and then pull down from tintern what I want to  work on. Then I can work on it and commit it back again. A lot of  learning still to be done, an I plan on gaining a lot of experience in  several scripting and programming languages, as well as maintain working  ability on two different major distributions.

I have went ahead and bit the bullet, so to speak, and begun the operation to upgrade to Fedora 28 on tintern. Using dnf,  it appears that it will be a rather easy process, just a bit time  consuming. But I can deal with that. In the meantime, I'm watching it do  its thing while I still work on my other things (like this blog note)   in the meantime.

the dirty work is done...

Now I am the satisfied owner of a Fedora 28 system. I don't yet know  how it plays with others, I have been working off of the work MacBook,  so I simply haven't gotten to it yet. But the lock screen was very  beautiful, more that before. It was the type of graphic that I would  easily use as a wallpaper. I think I have all of it done, for the  moment. The time is young on this one, so soon we shall see.