The last two hours...

Have been spent updating Fedora on my HP laptop. Since my work has  spoiled me with the MacBook Pro, I haven't been using it much. Honestly,  it's been sitting in my bag for the past few months as I was doing  almost all of my work from the Mac. I am still waiting on all of the  updates to complete so I can get angry at having i3 unless it actually  fixes that problem.

I logged into it the other day and discovered that it would not let  me into my beloved i3 window manager, and I had to settle for that crap  that is already there, I don't even remember what. Unity? Don't know.  Don't care. But 1.8 Gigabytes later, it is finally almost halfway  updated. And that's what I get for waiting so long to do a yum update on  it.

You really can't wait for very long anymore. Things change fast. Last  week it was an issue on the Mac after I upgraded to Mojave. It wasn't  Mojave specific, but OpenSSH updated to a compromised version, and  somewhere in there all of my SSH keys and config got scrambled and  mucked up. But that could also be caused by my foray into a new GitHub  account. I'm not certain exactly how that went down, just that it was an  absolute bitch to get out of.

It required sharper minds than mine is currently.

I think I will spend more time loving on that one because one thing  that is starting to get to me is the fact that when I am trying to use  Emacs (I know, don't say it) I have to hit the ESC key since I  don't have a meta key, and that jacks everything up. I need to regain my  habits in i3 before I forget them and re-learn Emacs as well. I used to  be decent at muddling around in it, and I am of the opinion that it  might become a very useful thing.

Personally, I would rather be asleep right now but I know that this  is just something that needs to be done, and I'd better just get it over  with. I will admit that I just love how buttery the keys feel on the  HP, but I am also muscle memory tuned to the Mac now, so it's going to  be a battle for a while. The plus side is that since the i3 setup is  graphical, I can actually get a mail reader that works the way I need it  to and that will integrate just fine.

I have a Debian server to work on full time now, so I plan on trying  to do as much remote connection as I can get the git server running on annwn,  and if I get pissed off, I might scrap this and put Crunchbang Plus  Plus on it. That's a wasted weekend that I could spend doing something  more productive, and if I were to trade to a Pine or a Chromebook just  to be different, I would be in the same boat all over again. We will see  how it is.

I am interested because I really would like to have a better  connection to the Debian and reap more of its benefits. Something that  does not necessarily belong to the company I work for, and thus I have  no kind of ethical issue later over it.

Now I have the update completed and have added Emacs and fought with  Terminator for a little bit. I got that working right, but I have a  bigger thing to do after I sleep and that is to create the proper  account for myself, as my username was something else before I got back  in the saddle, so to speak.

That's enough for now. I'll survey the damage in the later morning. I need to crash out.

Now make that three hours. It's 6AM now.