There will be six iterations of this project and they will proceed up the full lifecycle chain of Rei, from her infancy to full-fledged adulthood. When these are discussed in this manner it is to be understood in terms of ability, rather than any form of age or any other real chronological parameter.

Iteration One - Baby Rei

In the infancy phase we are seeking to create the base processes that she will be able to build upon.

  • base user accounts to work from with the following:  root and admin level access zsh automated system updates  
  • log processing and a rudimentary reporting mechanism that can be built upon
  • ssh based connections between servers and the ability for inter-server communications
  • initial understanding of the Mycroft AI system, and a determination of what components are usable from it
  • goal is to have Rei be able to use various packages as an administrator, rather than being the processes themselves
  • assembling a base communications interface via textual input

Iteration Two - Toddler Rei

In the second phase, we seek to build on the prior successes of the foundation and to attempt to extend the garnering of outside information. This will require some third party packages that will need to be examined carefully to assess the longevity and stability of said packages. More that we can do with core functions, the better.

  • ability to gain weather information by text on demand
  • ability to garner information from a Google calendar
  • ability to handle date and time requests
  • yes, the ability to produce selected sports scores
  • initial abilities to function from a TTS interface

Iteration Three - Child Rei

The next focus is to help convert Rei to where she is no longer simply working with inbound information, but also beginning to work with outbound information, as in creating new records and modifying them instead of simple reporting.
This is the first point where we hope to introduce some actual machine learning and AI logic that is unique to her.

  • creation of base alerting, calculated by the current system reports
  • ability to extricate pending issues such as process and memory race conditions and perform the initial calculations to mitigate them
  • building the vocabulary base for Rei and introducing her to rudimentary networking concepts  incoming port requests GeoIP analysis of incoming requests ability to add miscreants to firewall  
  • create more fluid conversational analysis
  • ability to process email and social media and report on them
  • ability to maintain a specific amount of system users unless otherwise directed
  • monitor base financial details and add market quotes to her repertoire
  • provide verbal alerts based on the Google Calendar

Iteration Four - tween Rei

By this time, we should have a system that can pretty much handle a server or a cluster on her own without too much outside interaction. We now want to give her more of the helm like a parent would any child.
We also want to give her more lifestyle related thing to work with, such as working with the family's health related statistics and ensuring regular times for decompression and overall mental and physical checks

  • create a database for blood sugar and vitals, as well as prompt for input
  • alert for Quiet Time and dim lights if installed
  • beginning system for educational purposes and tutoring
  • increase in dialog and vocabulary
  • ability to interact publicly in social media and process as well as respond to communications on a larger scale
  • higher financial market relationships and abilities to make decisions on the same

Iteration Five - teen Rei

This is the time for refinement and to work out any kinks that we might have discovered in the system. At this point it will very likely be clustered and this iteration will determine what upgrades or hardware increases are necessary or warranted.

  • seek to make reporting more concise and determine via logic processing what is germane to morning and evening reports
  • building of offensive measures to mitigate scans and potential attacks
  • wider range of information seeking based on topic, and the ability to provide advice of established situations
  • further communications improvements in TTS and STT

Iteration Six - adult Rei

Now we will go back to the drawing board because the base system will be operational and from here forward, Rei will be in a state of constant improvements.

  • what are the hardware requirements?
  • how well can Rei interact verbally and textually?
  • is she missing any rogue processes or attacks?
  • what is the overall performance, and what can be corrected?