I have a bot for Discord I might have mentioned before that I am learning to code in NodeJS with called Scottie. Yes, he's exactly what he sounds like. He doesn't really do a lot right now other than make snarky comments, but the folks over at the channel he's playing at right now have a few ideas of what they would like him to do.

So I had to bring him back to life, because the server he was hosted on got tanked to stillness a few months ago, and I didn't really have anything else on that server, so I just nuked it and started over.

And this, kids, is why  you keep everything in git.

I spun up a new server home for him and some other coding projects I need to get cracking on before it's time to begin writing again. It seemed like the right thing to do, and unfortunately it was a little while before I realized that Digital Ocean hadn't actually installed Node for me, but had left the dirty work for me to do.

First you have to set up Nginx and make sure it's happy. Then you have to secure the Nginx installation with an SSL, in my case, a Let's Encrypt SSL.

So we have all of that, and now there is a running Nginx install. It's time to install Node.

After all of that is completed, there is a fully functional node installation on the server.

Caveat emptor, however, when it is time to pull down your git repos for use, you'll want to use the HTTP clone rather than the SSH, or you'll have issues. At least I did.

I used PM2 to run Scottie ad infinitum, ad nauseum. You will likely want to do the same if you want it to run long term without being caught in a shell window.