I have a public facing blog that I use to write things that are more, well, public-facing.  It is based in WordPress and I have a theme on it that I am relatively  comfortable with. I have been having to so a little bit of editing on  that. It wasn't doing everything I wanted it to do, and in some senses  still doesn't.

I had to deal with the fact that every time I went to a single post,  there was no way to get back to the Home page. Very frustrating, and I  considered the idea of just scrapping it and getting a new theme that  would do the built in thing that I wanted to achieve. It is a mode of  thought that I am discovering I need to dispense of rather quickly as I  have to make things the way I want them, and not simply the way  some guy in another country thought  it would be cool to do. Not that I  am dissing the framework itself, I like that and want to keep it, but I  also want the whole thing to be set in a way I like going back through  and reading.

Yes, I read my own blog from time to time to keep in check with  myself. Once you get older you will realise just how much one can forget  and needs to be reminded of. Some of the best notes I have ever used  were blog posts that I wrote myself for exactly that reason.

It's all in a state of transition because everything does not have to  happen today. As I think of things I will go try to fix them. Another  thing that I have learned is that I have a way to get my code into a  blog, and that is pretty much here. I am led to believe that with the  packages at Highlights I could  possibly be able to execute the same in my WordPress version, but who  knows. I am considering just leaving the technical stuff mostly here. I  have already put more here in two days than I normally could write in a  full week before.