Now I am on Ghost, and so far it is a nice thing. Funny how it took the actions of a select group of crafty assholes to force me into a position where I had to completely wipe out that lovely blog that I was so in love with.

I worked really hard on that site, and I didn't have too much on that box other than a couple of blogs that I used to keep my collective crap together. I wasn't making any money, wasn't holding credit card information, or anything remotely interesting, but you thought it would be a great platform to set up an outbound spam shooting mechanism.

You got angry when I kicked you off my server. Why wouldn't I? You had no place being there. It's one thing to crack the server. Touche. Security could have been better. But you chose to be a dick about it and actually damaged my processes, and in that, you broke a code.

In breaking that code, and in insisting that what was mine was yours, I had to set fire to the damned thing. There were good parts in that... I had to downgrade my service because it was just too big, anyway. So I am actually saving some money there, and the bulk of what I work on is where you can't get to it.

(Hint) Where that data is, you will be the ones with your hair on fire if you screw with it. And the service I use will make it hurt.

Here's the problem with all of this.

I am a developer, and I work for a web hosting company. Once, about twenty years ago, I was one of the bad guys, so I get it. But you have pissed me off. So now, where I was simply tolerating your activities, I am going to hunt you bastards down and turn every one of you in that I can locate. I am going to lay traps and piles of theoretical dog crap in your spamming paths and try to make life every bit as miserable as you have made mine over this holiday season.

You will take a hit to your pocketbook and your credibility, and I am going to laugh about it.

I will make sure that every system I touch is streamlined against jackholes like you, and when you come sniffing around, I plan to slam your noses in it.

That's really all I had. So Happy New Year, Chinese Spammers.

Go and fuck yourselves.