I get prezzies tomorrow.

Maybe that's not the best way to put it, considering that I ordered them and paid for them myself, but still, it feels good. The HP is getting a new battery so I can make sure it is in fact running okay. If not, I have found a mini system I can use instead.

I'm also getting a KVM switch that can tie all my systems here together onto a single monitor and will be much easier to switch between than this pulling a cable out here, pushing a button there, playing music chairs with the connectors because I have one more machine than I have switcher slots...

It's an upgrade.

But not the last one I have planned. I'd also like to be able to interconnect all of them, and with another thing I'm looking at but haven't pulled the trigger on yet, that will be possible. A five port gigabit ethernet switch to private network the girls together and then hopefully be able to point to the outside world. We'll see about the last one.

Not everything I do is on the same system.  I should probably re-hash this for those that are new to whm and might not be familiar. All of my interactive systems are named after girls.

My little got obsessed for a while with a certain toy line, and yes, they are all, with the exception of Rei, named after dolls from those series.

And yes, in total geek fashion, I have one of each all together in a little congregation on my system desk overseeing everything. Along with Sparty, Owlice, Selena, and a somewhat moody Yukino Yukinoshita that someone gave to me as a gift. She seems cool enough, so she stays.

Roxie is a feisty redhead Windows 11, running Debian 11 in a WSL and is used for a lot of my book writing, graphic design, and other such forays. The Acer Aspire she's on is three times the power of the MacBook Pro my pay the bills job gave me to work with. She's got a Ryzen, 20-something GB of memory, and a 2T drive.

Tuesday is a sassy little pigtailed Debian 10 out in the wild. She handles all of the stuff out on the net, and she don't slack. Check it:

Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Testing from Digital Ocean (no_home_address)...
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Selecting best server based on ping...
Hosted by Interserver, inc (Secaucus, NJ) [2.74 km]: 2.726 ms
Testing download speed
Download: 4014.04 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed
Upload: 2258.31 Mbit/s

Yeah, buddy.

Melanie is kind of a punk hippie gal, and she is a Debian 11. Right now I have two, one on the HP I am getting the battery for, and another instance on a 64G SanDisk USB stick. Girl can travel. I wanted her for transient workable stuff. Like a way to replace my work machine more effectively. She was rooming with Roxie on the stick version, but we haven't quite got over that Qualcomm Atheros hump yet.

When the new mini box comes in, I will probably make her Lumikki, and she'll possibly be a Kali Linux. Haven't decided yet. But I'd give it about an 80% likelihood right now. Either that, or I'll give Melanie a permanent home, and her the USB3 travel trailer.

We'll see.

But right now, I'm still excited and ready to geek out with the new switcher and getting the HP alive again. It was formerly Rei, and I might just give her the space back for now. Until I improve her, anyway.