There's nothing like losing a house, even if it is in VR.

So there I was, thinking that the beautiful space-agey house I have enjoyed for some time was going to last forever. I liked it. A lot. I was going to do all sorts of cool things with it. I finally was able to get on the roof. The scene was incredible.

But there was one little problem. Microsoft seems to have taken over at least some part, if not all, of Altspace, and with one little slip, I discovered that they had wiped out all of the nice scenes that were there almost two years ago when I got my Go, and my house had in fact, gone.

Now I'm stuck with this Pee-Wee Herman crap they give me for a default, with no other available options. I can't get my awesome digs from two days ago back again. I had considered backing it up earlier in the week, and like a complete jackass, I didn't. Now I am paying the price.

So I'm going to have to develop one. Because I have no intention in staying with this garbage they've given me.

Don't get me started on Hubs just yet. I'll get to that soon as well.