I moved this site from its old location, mostly because I needed the consolidation. You know when you get all dressed up, but you have nowhere to go? Yeah, this was something like that.

I have replication on a new MySQL database tandem. Technically, they might be MariaDB, but I'm not getting my nose outta joint over that. I was only using it for one Wordpress site that I hope to bury alive soon, along with the other 12.

Before you get too far, these are not the instructions about how to create the replication. That link is in the previous paragraph, and I might write my own up one day. Just to get that out of the way.

It strikes me that if you're gonna pay the amount for Adobe Creative Cloud, perhaps it's a good idea to actually use it to create static sites,  instead of a fresh WP install every time you want to serve a single page. That was a waste of resources and bandwidth I'm on a mission to correct. Some of these need to be Ghost, however. (Like this site.)

If you happen to be playing with small virtual servers that have about 1GB of memory like I am, you find out quickly that they don't want to install because too much of the local memory is being used by the database on board. So offload it!

I can get about four or five ghosts in this little single gig spooky haus and all should be well. The goal is to have all of the DB processing running on the primary-secondary tandem, and let the webservers do the web serving like they're supposed to.

You'll want to learn the ghost-cli, of course. I'm loving all of the new bells and whistles that are in Ghost 4. Part of the reason why I jettisoned the old site and moved over. I can use Grammarly inside of the actual posts now, which was a right pita before because I would write my posts in Grammarly first, then try to cut and paste. Now it's all native, so yay to the Ghost Devs for getting that one right.

So much to do on here, many things I neglected that I will have to catch up on while still getting the other work done. The upside is that maybe I can get better typing skills from it and hopefully some speed that I drastically need.