Some of my bad habits

Sometimes when I am supposed to be in bed asleep, I will find some  little tidbit of absolutely useless information that will so obsess me  that I just have to follow it. I get curious. It might be the hacker way  in me.

For example, without giving too much away and embarrassing the guilty  party, I found a photographer that was really good, and did some nice  work. But I wondered, as I always do, "what kind of useless information and further deductions can I get from this?" And of course, preferably the information I am not supposed to be getting.

I started with a single picture that most people would think nothing of and found out the following:

  • The photographer's real name
  • The real photographer's working portfolio
  • A close family member of the photographer
  • Said family member's workshop, actual location, and online store
  • What camera was used
  • Two sets of editing software, on Mac and Windows
  • The exact date of the multi location photo shoot, on a Saturday
  • The subject was wearing a jacket. The temperature that day, in that location, was 36F
  • The proximity of the shoot from the aforementioned store
  • and that photographer stays in a pretty tight locale
  • I also learned about two or three of photographers subjects as well.
  • I was able to deduce that one subject is very likely a professional from fingernails and other cues
  • I was able to ascertain by the same method that another is an art student, and possibly also related to the photographer