I've managed to cook up several new projects that are all running at the same time.

This one has to do with a BBS system I have started. I wrote about it recently, but that post has been somewhat buried because I was a little bit peppy when I wrote it. I could have deleted it, I guess, but perhaps I want to go look at that post every now and again.

Aleph BBS is a new idea I had to pass information around a group of unknown individuals that will no doubt increase in the future, and a large part of the drive will be in making, creating, and improving any number of things, including BBS technologies and platforms themselves.

I don't want to say that I'm angry per se, but I am at that point where I'm exasperated with myself and the world, and I know I'm getting older, so the push is on to create things that are useful, hopeful, beautiful, or just make me happy.

Even if it is just in a moment.

I'm trying actively to shift a lot of my Wirehead-based stuff into alternate forms of media that are more true to my roots in the original internet community. Sure, I love my little Ghost, and I will still post here frequently, but I also have a Gemini capsule, and I'm moving my attention over to federated social media. I'm already on Diaspora, and will soon likely join a Mastodon server as well.  I also have Telegram.

Gemini is what I hope to connect to the BBS at some point in the near future. It is roughly like the gopher that comes with the Talisman BBS software I'm running but is newer and more amplified.

If you'd like to try this protocol yourself, I would suggest getting the Lagrange browser. I seem to always have a six degrees with La Grange for some reason. Anyway.

Makers gonna make.

That's the rough gem I'm rolling with in regards to all of these endeavors.