The whole spark re-started when we heard our rent was going up. The fact is that we are nomads, and I am a tech nomad in particular.

Several things were not right with that scenario, and one of them was that once upon a time a former manager told an entire office that I lived in a bus. This was of course without my knowledge, and I told the one who informed me of this not to tell anyone that I wasn't actually in a bus.

Why not? Sounds cool.

I don't feel like I have a real home anymore. Most of that has been taken away from me in a whole fiasco I won't get into here. But the loose nomadic life does suit me much more than I ever thought it would.

There's land out West.

I won't get into that now, either. But I am looking at how best to gear up and get back into the wild again. Technology is so much more advanced than it was even five years ago, and I plan to use much of this category to discuss the different forms of engineering and tech that I use and will be using, including solar and smaller tech.

Right now, my first goals are to get a good handle on what I can do about online usage, and how that's going to hit my bandwidth limitations that I will have on the road. The second order of business will be related to solar power and how I will power the devices I'll need to work properly and continue all of the things that I do in an average week.

Remember I'm a novelist as well. That doesn't require full time internet, but it does need some.

Hopefully some of the new posts will be useful for vehicle dwellers and RVers alike, as well as those that like in temporary situations.