Spinning up new servers can become a national pastime. Here's what I mean:

The WHM servers had fallen into a bit of disuse as I have been working on and releasing books and other written material. Not forgotten, just not used as I worked on getting some other things launched. What I ended up with was about five different cloud servers that I was paying for when I really needed one server hosting all of the Ghost instances. I am pretty much ready to finish and launch the other ones behind this page.

Here was the instructions on how to accomplish that.

I plan to keep most of the graphical stuff off of this particular page, and let it pretty much be as you see it. I'll save the bells and whistles for everywhere else.

This is still going to be the place for notifications and things like that, however I might go ahead and run an RSS feed into here from my coding blog (or not).

I have also learned that the JSON files I was depending on for my upload is not working, so I will have to look into that one and see what can be done. Until then, I know that I at least have a good skeleton set up for the future ghost establishment. I can check for the data in the JSON and if it isn't there, then I have a problem. If it is, then that server is going kablooey and I'm putting up something cooler in its place.