I was having fun with Yukino, my Ubuntu install I had on a USB3 drive.

The problem I wanted to prevent was the fact that it was getting warm on a frequent basis, and way back in the day I had a beloved CrunchBang Linux USB die a fiery ugly death in the same manner with all of my data on it. It was a tough pill to swallow.

Not sure why it didn't occur to me sooner that I have a 2TB drive to work with, and I haven't even scratched a quarter of that one yet. So I did what you would expect me to do.

I installed Debian 11 on it.

Because I'm predictable sometimes. But never count on that.

The current goal is to begin moving away from the mainstream technologies that are cataloging everything and get more into the federated and the more true-to-nature fringes of the Internet. This is why the BBS, and soon Gemini capsules.

If you haven't heard of Gemini yet, it's an interesting creation and an evolution on the net technologies I cut my teeth on back in the 90s. Sorta Gopher, sorta HTTP, it sits in the middle without scanning and constant advert hunting. The plan is to have one for this site that will hold more content like my daily dev accounts and such, and the other will be for the BBS and hopefully, I can crack together a portal there in Lua or something.

Another project in the next few weeks is to replace my keyboard. I do an incredible amount of typing, and just according to Grammarly, I have knocked out over one million words in the past year.

My wrists hurt. Something has to give.

So I'm making my own split keyboard. More on that later. More on everything later. I'm catching a nap while I can.