So I like to learn things...

I have a reason for a lot of the things I have been working on,  including this blog right here. I need to know how a lot of these  technologies work. There is quite a bit of information to discover and  put online, use to help others, and in general provide a easier way of  things. That is in essence what life in the documentation and support  worlds really boil down to and it will all change in short order.

I am also looking at other wiki type offerings to test and abuse to see how much use that I can make of them. I found an article that has several of them listed that I might actually pick a few and  test out. I am currently thinking of Wiki.js and Raneto, but we shall  see what I finally end up with.

On one hand the typing can get rather irritating, but on the other  hand I am finally not hen-pecking any more and am learning to actually  type like a real human being in the first time for forever. Things do in  fact move faster than they used to.

I found out that just as soon as I got Fedora 28 installed, and I  haven't even looked at it yet since I installed it, mind you, Fedora 29  got released. So it's no longer a beta, and now it is time to reload  again and see what the newest bells and whistles are, and what they mean  to me, if anything.

On the other hand, I might just give it a few days, or perhaps the  weekend and work on everything a little more before I do the upgrade. To  be perfectly honest, I am much more interested in Debian and how it is  progressing than Fedora. I only have Fedora because I couldn't get  Debian on the laptop the first time, and Crunchbang Plus Plus wasn't  quite a thing yet. UEFI caused me a lot of issues.

I've probably said it before, but since we use CentOS at work, it  only makes sense to have the laptop remain Fedora so I still have the  proficiency there while my lovely home planet remains Debian as I would  like in my perfect world.

I am also finally getting git straightened out where it is usable in  most locations. That is one of the things that I have to get a good  handle on out of the starting gate. That is one technology that I will  end up depending on rather extensively, so I have to get it under  control now.