I have to admit a large part of laziness when it comes to web development.

I'm fighting with the Ghost installation tonight, pulling it up in a Chrome dev tool, and fine-tuning all of the little things I don't like in the original design. Right now, I'm much happier with it.

Yes, I removed all of the older posts that were here. Sorry.

It's been a journey trying to get away from the Wordpress world on my other projects and sites. Once you have ten to twelve sites that are all separate WP instances running on the same server, it gets to where it makes no sense.

I completely forgot that I have Dreamweaver with my Creative Cloud subscription, and maybe it would be a good idea to recreate some things and save the overhead.

It would be really cool to tell you that I took to it like a duck to water, but the fact of the matter is that I didn't. It was painful, to be perfectly honest with you. I screwed a lot of crap up. I think I took two or three days to cuss and cry, eat pills, and hate life.

Then I finally did what all good coders and geeks do. I robbed and pillaged like the Viking I am, and in that learned how all these cool designs were actually working and constructed modified copies of my own.

Ghost isn't much different. I'm using the code injection portion of the backend right now to fix things in a style statement until such a time as I take a copy of the theme and truly hack it to what I want.

It's fun to break things and make them do shit they weren't initially designed to do.

I learned that if you use ghost setup after the initial install, then you can correct your database screwup. I have a better one. Go into the database first, create the DB, the user, set the password. Then when you run ghost install , it will put everything where you want it to go. I still have a ghost instance I have to unfruck because I still have an active MySQL instance running where I don't want it to be.

That'll take a mysqldump and an scp and that totally came out sounding wrong. But that's how you fix that problem, kids. In theory, anyway. I haven't done it yet.

My other tiny hurdle is that I would prefer to host all of my static sites on this web service rather than have more than one hosting server up. It costs more money, and if the distributed database setup is off doing its thing, then it should be okay to combine everything into ghost instances and static sites.

I have also learned that you can create a template or wireframe type thingie in Photoshop and then export it to Dreamweaver and build out a site that way. I tried to pull this off and somewhat failed. I did succeed in stressing myself out until I could hack together a close enough replica.

So that's the 500 words that will serve my other ulterior motive at the moment.