It's not that I dislike my keyboard. I have a Razer Chroma Ornata, and it's a pretty slick device. Action is good on it and it lights up and everything.

I've learned more about keyboards that I have taken for granted in the past few days than I ever knew in about 30 years.

I have several reasons for building a DIY split keyboard set, in this case, the Helix. It has a good separation, and there are so many things to solder and that's an activity I have about zero experience in and should.

My little needs to see it done, and in a few years be able to do it herself. One thing that I learned from my father that has always served me well was the idea that the more talents and things you learn, the more you have to fall back on in hard times to earn your way.

Learning to solder is also a gateway drug of sorts, meaning that now I have this keyboard set coming, I also have a little radio thing to practice on, and then I found another for later that lights up all pretty in spectrum, and you know how fast you can get into trouble there.

As for the keyboard layout, that is becoming its own little animal. I am fumbling a bit as I type this, as I've switched over to the Colemak layout and it takes a bit of getting used to.

Typing is much slower for the moment, but I can already feel some of the benefits of the change. It'll speed up. I have a little typing program for that. I've been practicing to try and get faster and I'm sure I will in the very near future. Probably the best medicine for that is just to keep typing more. I'm doing a lot more touch typing now even with the slowness.

Tonight I plan on doing a little more on the BBS, just because I don't want it to get stagnant.