i have begun the learning sequence

So the past few days as I have tried to recover from my recent surgery, I have started studying at FreeCodeCamp and decided to not assume anything and simply begin from the bottom up.  That's right, I began from where I started when I wrote my first HTML  page in 1994 and have been working up from there. So much has changed  since I first got into this. So many things can be done with CSS that I  had not even thought of.

That's why it's not a good thing to fall too far behind in this tech  game. It can flow away and leave you in a heartbeat, and you have to  swim hard upstream to recover. There is of course a part of this site  that I want and need to code myself, and at the moment the root domain  is in fact pointed at a Wordpress instance to avoid that very thing. I  believe I will be fixing that soon, and in rather short order.

The antibiotics that they have had me on has been about a horse  pill's worth, and it has flat out ran through my system like a train. I  finally got smart and realised I had to up my natural game and get the  things back into my system that promote energy and proper health, and  isn't the crap they have had me on. It is true that I had an infection  that needed to be dealt with, but if I keep going their route it will  drastically shrink my capabilities, and I simply cannot afford that at  this juncture, not when I am finally beginning to get back into the  swing of things.

I learned yesterday about all of the cool stuff Elasticsearch has to  offer, and how it can produce some really cool views with Kibana. I  don't know at this exact moment if any of it is opensource or if its all  closed and proprietary, but if more of the latter, I am sure someone  has thought of how to open it up.

Another thing that I am experiencing is a lowered tolerance for  stupidity. I am becoming severely allergic to that as well. Soon I will  also be looking for ways to bring a little more money in without doing  unethical or in any violation of current IP contracting. See, I have  this thing where I can't do any work for any of the customers of the  company I currently work for, and to be perfectly honest, I am more than  cool with that. I am looking at shifting over to the coding racket, and  that is something that I might consider doing for my current employer,  but until I have a portfolio of things that I have done, I have nothing so there is no way to properly judge my worth.

certifications are worthless

I am also not on a certification hunt, because those die off, and  usually it is an ugly death. I have been, in my IT history, the  following:

  • CNA (Certified NetWare Administrator
  • CNE (Cetrified NetWare Engineer
  • Network + (and a few other "+" certs)
  • Certified Avaya Architect
  • About 4 or 5 other certifications I've forgotten