I was in full anticipation when I first got immersed in the full Cardboard effect by Google. I thought that perhaps I would wait a while before I got the Oculus Go, even though I knew it would eventually become a thing. Our future is in AI and VR, and eventually the two will become interlinked. It is the stuff of sci-fi legend, but the fact is that it is now inevitable.

The Go is primarily a consumer device. It's the intro into "real" virtual reality after your appetite has been whetted with the Google Cardboard and other similar technologies. It has greater power and resolution, and more things have been created for it. There are several things to know about it, and even more will come out in future posts.

vr has its uses

In the week or so that I have had this device, I learned quite a few new things. I can be transferred to brand new environments that I have never visited before and physically feel as if I am there. From some of the comments I have read over on Reddit and in the various app comments areas, this is an incredible advantage for those with physical disabilities that have bucket lists they would otherwise not be able to fulfill. I have been able to:

  • ride in a balloon to the edge of space
  • jump from an airplane again, although not military style just yet
  • travel to Los Angeles and tour museums in France and Italy
  • chill out in my own little "house" in Oculus Rooms, listen to music and play table games while watching the water
  • Attend CES 2019
  • ride rollercoasters and feel the same gut feelings as if I were there

This technology helps us to experience life more fully in conditions where we cannot. I can also think of another good use that I am certain someone else has already figured out. When I lived up north near the Artctic, there was a frequent condition that developed in the dark winter season called cabin fever. Cabin fever is only one of several conditions that may arise from being inside for too long, as well as the lack of sunlight in any normal capacity. Another malady of similarity is SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. I think that VR can greatly help with these sensory based issues by re-aligning the nervous system to some semblance of normalcy.

some things can be improved

If you don't have a nice sized data pipe coming in, all is not lost, but you will discover the painful world of buffering. I upgraded to a faster speed package for the next month to test out what the Oculus could actually do if given the chance. I think there will be at least some internal memory buffering of some type, although I don't know  enough about the construction yet to monkey with it.

If you are using an app like Next VR, then you'll probably find yourself addicted to basketball with a quickness if you were not a fan already. The camera locations and the way the games are handled makes the experience brand new and not nearly as boring as it has been on traditional television.

I seriously have not cared anything about basketball since about 1990, the last time I recall seeing Isaiah Thomas, John Salley, and Dennis Rodman (sans craziness) on the same team. Yes, I was a Detroit fan that year, so it was great to see things play out as they did.

In the recent past I have claimed the Spurs. It's a location thing. But in reality, I am a bandwagon fan when it comes to basketball. Hockey, I'm hard locked in. Listen to the games on radio, even when we lose. Baseball, hard locked in.

I have no love for the NFL.

The amazing content that can now be found in virtual reality is still nowhere near what it can be. The good news is that I really have not found yet webpages I could not access, but I can't really access them in the VR style component/method that Mozilla so heartily advertises. Many of the video advantages make this possible, but the content creators just aren't quite there yet. That might be where I begin putting my development skills to good use, which will lead me even futher into my Rei project.

more to learn

I have discovered that one of the content platforms I am currently learning to operate on is going to require yet another language... C#. I had been avoiding the C styled languages for the "easier" ones, but with Unity it appears this will be a very useful thing. So Blender works off of Python, and Unity works off of C#, and there is still so much HTML5 and CSS to put to good use. Days of Code is not going to be hurting for things to do, that's for sure.

Honestly, my coding has been suffering lately because I have been exploring this new medium. It changes the entire game. It bring new layers to everything that are just so much more beautiful and makes so many more new ways of expression possible that I could have only imagined before. So let's be honest, I have been consuming lately and it has been nice. But I am going to have to shake up some things and move along.

a new world

There have been several areas I wanted to create in that I've been holding back on and it is probably time to indulge in now and see where they go. Time to strike while I still feel young and can think in at least some new way.