This is the fun I'm having

I am still undecided on how exactly I want to handle all of this. On  one hand, I have my primary domain on another server, where I work. The  current mail server is there, and it just seems like a good thing to  retrieve my mail to this local server and read it here. But the fact of  the matter is that my email is actually the only mail I am receiving for  the domain. So why not just have it all routed here?

Well, the problem is I can't get anything to work properly. I have exim, fetchmail, and getmail all running, and nothing is actually connecting. I have set up my SPF,  DKIM, and DMARC all on the other instance, and I really don't want to  have to do that all over again in a more technical fashion, but you and I  both know that doing it the most technical way is probably the best way  to really learn it.

Everything I have done so far has been unsuccessful, so there is a  good bit of aggravation there. At this point I am where I can look into  my log files, and I am seeing things like the following:

Oct 26 21:31:01 annwn fetchmail[1003]: Connection errors for  this poll:#012name 0: connection to  [] failed: Connection timed out.

I figured out the port was wrong, it was at 110 instead of the 993 required. Next!

Oct 26 21:31:01 annwn fetchmail[1003]: POP3 connection to failed: Connection timed out

Why? Oh yeah, I kinda need to restart fetchmail.

Oct 26 21:56:46 annwn fetchmail[5341]: socket error while  fetching from

Well, crap. So I need to fix the username, because it is not wanting a full email, just the username for the mailbox.

Oct 26 22:03:29 annwn fetchmail[5499]: socket error while fetching from

And this is where I'm currently stuck. Trying to figure out why my  mail host on my work account won't accept it. I might have to use exim  to handle mail locally and then force all of the email into annwn. That  would be soooo okey with me.

The goal of all that I have been doing lately is to go back to the  old school, the console jockey. It might sound weird, or even stupid,  but that is the way that I come up, and I have to go back to it in order  to move forward. I had something back in the days when you had to know a  decent bit about protocols and such in order to get Seyon to connect to  your favourite ISP or get your mail down from it. I think i am roughly  back in the same place now.

At the moment, I got so frustrated that I have shut exim and all of  my other mail server stuff down as I saw that spammers were already  attempting to use me as a relay, and I don't know that anyone on this  planet can connect to that damned mail instance.

This used to be easy. Assholes made it hard.