For the thinking person, projects are how we approach things. The projects in question might be given or assigned to us, or we might come up with them ourselves, but these projects are how we learn. I am now in the process of ascertaining what things I want to work on next.

I have quite a few different arenas that I work in and they all require different talents and skills, so I get to spread myself rather wide.

building social media

I have started a few new accounts that I really have not worked with in a while. I went back to Deviant Art, because I have the strange suspicion that I will be doing artistic things in the near future, and I had so much fun with it and met so many neat people when I was heavily involved in DA about ten years ago.

I also started a Tumblr account. I met a card reader that has an account there where she does readings and such, plus, one of my programming lessons was on this very topic. I had to create a Tumblr page for a fake person, so I have to now go look that up and re-learn everything that I did because I figured at the time that I would never actually do it. About that...

There is a Twitter account (or two) that I have, and at some point I will need to use them for something else as an irritant in my email. We'll see how that all pans out.

sysadmin projects

I have several things that I work with on a regular basis that I really need to do even more study and experimentation with and write up. These are Linux sysadmin topics that I'm not going to bore my non-geek readers with at the moment. But they are there, and I need to document them in the worst way.

A lot of what I work with is shared hosting. I am on shared hosting myself. It is not a bad thing and can be very powerful when configured correctly with the right frame of mind.

This site has to do with about everything that I touch, and I don't really want to leave too much of it out, so you readers can find the pieces you want, and have some interest in the other parts that you might find.

One of the things that is coming quickly is a script to help speed up the things that I am relatively good at and usually have to do by hand. But that will have its own set of posts.

building e-commerce

I have two sites where I do two different things. I am also employed by a company that specialises in two different e-commerce platforms. The best way to be more of an expert in these is to actually use them, so I am using Magento2 on one, and Woocommerce on the other. As a matter of fact, the Woocommerce may very well appear on this very site. Of course, I am using them to learn these technologies, but if you find something useful, you would greatly support my efforts and help good things happen by "investing" in both of our futures at either site. But there will be more on that as it progresses.

patreon and film-making

I do have a Patreon site that I haven't put together yet, and film/video/podcast projects that I want to work on for the next year. I have not moved as quickly or as effectively as I have wanted to because there has been so much going on, and I have been trying to get a handle on it all. But they are going to happen. I do have a lot that I am trying to take on, and getting a handle on the whole whirlwind is a full-time job in and or itself.

reiki and tarot reading

Yes, these are considered projects. I do have to keep up a certain amount of healthiness for them, and they do consume about a quarter to a third of my waking hours, so I'd better figure out how I am going to address and handle them. I do mostly remote reiki, because the state I am currently in requires a masseuse license to do in-person work, and I am not going to be giving anyone a happy ending.

No, Marvin Gaye, I don't do that type of healing.

I am also further defining where all of this comes from in the scientific realm and I want to further clarify and define that via this website. It just makes more of a clear picture on who I am. I have problems and trials just like everyone else.

But those are the directions I am headed in the short term, and we will see where that takes us. I'll update on my progress probably around the end of the year.