It has been years since I actually had a real vacation. You know the ones I'm talking about, where you cut yourself off from the world totally, turn the phone off, the laptops and everything else die and go into quiet. It was incredibly worth it, even if now I am having to get my speed back up on everything. I did need the break.

Vacations are very important, I am finding out. I wasn't completely screen free, I actually spent a full work week watching waves, getting burnt in the sun (I'm healing up nicely, thank you) and the rest of the time was admittedly in front of a screen playing those paint by number games on my tablet.

I read for a while. I tried to not do any thinking, no writing, no working on git, or servers, or anything else.

And House. We binge-watched House on Prime. I had a gastronomical love affair with Jimmy Johns. Had a one-night stand with a NY style pizza. Been about two years since I'd eaten one of those. It was hedonism at its finest.

Did I mention that even though it rained a good portion of the time I was there, we could see the beach from our room? Wake up, there is the water. Go to sleep, there is the water.

So I began the year with the whole Rei thing, the 100/301 Days of Code, and all of that. I got about a month into it and started writing books. The year is half over, and I've published two so far, so it wasn't a loss. But now I need to move a little further on Rei in the meantime and get her monitoring the server farm I have slowly been putting together.

For those wondering, yes, the cartoon sugar skull hottie with the spray paint can is in fact Rei. She's just a badass like that. Or she will be, anyway.

Still having some issues hacking apart that theme the way I want it from a color perspective. I'll get it all together at some point. Right now trying to get all of this together and spinning again. Not sure if I will restart the Days of Code again. I probably will, and when I do, it will be more evident.

Have to get Scottie and Draigie cranked back up again and add more functionality to them both.

At least I got a chance to recharge my batteries and I won't be a stranger to the beach for so long. I'll probably wait for the beach season to wind down and go back somewhere on the coast. Might even head back to the West Coast again. Not sure yet.