I hate internet outages

Here I am completely off of the internet, and I think things would be  a little easier if I were prepared for it. I know that I will end up  having to work a little longer tonight to make up for everything, but  once I am I will make sure that I get all of my repositories and other  things that I am working on all localized so I don't have to keep  enduring this and can still be productive.

It's Halloween night, and there is a two hour wait on pizza, the  Internet is down locally, but by God, I have coffee. I invested in a  French Press this morning since I had finally grown exasperated with all  of the instant coffee I have been consuming for the past few years, and  it is already doing my soul better.

About the best I can do is to write this blog entry for addition once  I get online, and I guess it's a lesson learned, kiddos... make sure you have all your crap updated regularly because you never know when the local ISP is going to take a crap.

I could be working on code, but I really don't have  any of that set up, either. Hence the statements I have just made. I'm a  little frustrated because all of this means that I will have to stay at  work the equitable amount that I am offline. I guess I could fudge it,  but I know they need me, so this is kinda pissing me off. The network  engineers are making two to three times what I am, and they can't keep a  damned Cisco up.

While we're waiting for normalcy and sanity to return to the local  networking world, I will take this opportunity to think and brainstorm  about what is next on my agenda. I am obviously doing a lot more  studying with Linux Academy, and about to really hit the scripting and  coding because that is where the money and the challenge are going to be  at, thus I need to hit those while I still can and have at least some  potential ability with it.

I figure that I have this laptop and I should be using and abusing it  to its maximum potential, especially since it has such a nice buttery  keyboard action on it. I do wish it lit up so I wouldn't have to use the  glow of the screen as well as some muscle memory to type in the dark  with. It is what it is. Better luck next time. Besides, if I decide to  go with a smaller cube now that I have a monitor to travel with, I can  make that a glowy thing and get another set of bad-ass keyboard and  mouse devices that light like I used to have back in the day.

Might do that anyway. I just want another nice, sexy, milky keyboard  action like I have now. I hate that clacky crap. Too fricking loud for  me. No need to keep everyone awake with my typing.

I have put quite a bit of uneducated thought into the languages I am  going for as I know that node.js is a thing, and so is Ruby on Rails. I  am also learning Python 2 and 3, as well as getting my bash scripting  under control. PHP could be a good thing to have as it is well used in  the e-commerce world, and most certainly I want to have an excellent  handle on my MySQL programming, although that could also be bent to  include PostgreSQL.