I did not realise just how heavenly heirloom tomatoes are in the somewhat classic French omelette.

There are just some things to eat that have to become staples in and of themselves. A quick pasta with tomatoes, basil, perhaps a little garlic... the War of the Mushrooms still is in full swing in our house. I like them and I'm not letting them go anytime soon.

Learning to make a good grilled cheese is another talent that gets even more exciting once one learns to experiment with other variants of melting cheeses.

After a while, one learns the spice components, at least in general, rosemary, basil, oregano with Italian; thyme, chives, perhaps sage with French; or bring in cumin, cinnamon and turmeric for a more Middle Eastern flavour.

Why talk about the wonderful tastes of regional cuisine?

Because federated social media has pissed me right the hell off over the past two days. That's why.

because julia child don't code

I learned how to make the best omelette from the Frugal Gourmet. I learned that you have to add a little water, not milk, to make it all come out right. It takes a hot pan, and you have to make sure you have your game plan down before you get started or bad things happen. Just remember kids, low heat, scramble, high heat omelette.

I normally get my eggs good and beaten then add in my chives and beat it all up again. I have my cheese off to the side. It really depends on how I'm feeling that day. I don't get too crazy with it. I save the Denver Omelette for when I'm out to eat breakfast and want to unleash some unwarranted hatred on a poor diner cook. I also do not eat too much meat anymore, so there's that.

Next is the entry of the mixture into the pan. You have to pay attention to this and have a little patience. I like to make sure it is all spread out like a crepe. I want to be able to play with it and manipulate it without everything breaking. And such is life in general.

Once you are able to ascertain that the egg is beginning to cook through, and you will be able to get things to bend together, line a good Hadrian's Wall of cheese across the surface and fold the closest end over to the middle.

Just pay attention. I'll start my technical bitching in a minute.

That other side, if it's like my pan, will still be a little wet. Put a little more cheese in there and fold that side over as well. Now you've got the classic omelette shape, and you're feeling kinda proud of yourself. But you aren't done.  I flip it upside down so I can cook down the folded side. But there is also another reason. I flip it back into original position on the plate.

That means the fold currently has the most heat residual. I run more cheese on that fold so it can melt on the top, and then flip my frying pan on top of the plate to create a sort of convection oven to melt down and almost broil that cheese on.

What you have is a work of art.

I hate Friendica right now, and we aren't dating for a while. She said she was easy, but in fact, she was a complicated, needy bitch. Not quite as high maintenance as Diaspora, but certainly enough to right piss me off into next week.

I've also become more snotty with my coffee, and now that I have another French Press I sometimes feel like I'm kinda a big deal. The both of them go together. The kit came with a little whippy thingie that I am totally addicted to. See, I virtually never have a drinkable cup of coffee. It is hot, and there is no way to drink it without pain. Then it goes from blistering to tepid like a bottle rocket in Antarctica. I'm drinking cold coffee about 80% of the time, and no one knows how I can do it. It's tears and broken dreams, little one.

That whippy thingie not only cools off the coffee into a midrange, but it also makes it all foamy and fizzy, and that's just sexy. I play with that thing way too much, and I am often reminded of that fact.

breakfast should be simple

Federated Social Media is an awesome idea. I am also very certain that I will get an account and play with it somewhere now. I just had a lot of frustration somewhere because I thought I would be able to get it to work on my server.

Keep in mind, the home slice is a cloud with only 1 Gigabyte of memory. So a lot of this bitching is really my own damned fault. My slice doesn't have the resources to support it just yet. I also have not created enough active outside business (because I am still learning in all areas) to justify a higher based instance. I might just go up another notch in memory, but that doesn't really get me where an FSM node would work well.

As a matter of fact, several of the things I was looking at running on there will not work. I do have a guess that I could put that on my shared hosting instance at work (which has at least 24 G of memory, and it would operate just fine.  And I might just do it that way. I need to cool down first, though.

Another good point is that when Friendica wants to go out for a lovely dinner, she wants Apache. I want Nginx. It's like the mushroom situation in our house. She knows what she likes, I know what tastes good.

That simple.

keep your damned salsa

I am growing to the point where I have broken up with Facebook, and I see what I can do with Twitter. I do have ways with FSM to integrate with Twitter and Tumblr, and I have rather weak accounts at the moment on both. My hatred with Facebook and desire to distance myself from the G Empire is to keep my life and my data as separate as possible. That is why I wanted my own node, rather than have an account on someone else's.

It keeps everything I want to do in-house and close by. I don't have to go back and worry about what there is out there on my surfing habits. I'm not that bad, but I do search things for other people, or to remember what I was talking about in a conversation.

I joined Groupon a while back, and they are convinced that I would look good in a sundress, enjoy working with yarn, and show me pictures of exciting unmentionables I never asked to see.

I think they are starting to figure out I'm a guy because they recently included a picture of a barbeque smoker and grill equipment in the middle of women's one piece swimsuits, slinky outfits, and bras.

So I started looking for hotel deals, and now instead of a male geek Linux administrator, I'm a pretty girl that likes yarn, bling, feeling sexy, days on the beach, and grilling. This is why all of this online snooping is evil and must die.

napkin in the plate

Perhaps moving the domain, SSL, and all the binaries to the employer server would be a better idea. It has the infrastructure, I need the knowledge for work because it can also involve varnish and a few other things I am weak with at the moment, plus, I have r00t on that server as well. But it really doesn't require much admin privilege after it's installed. Mostly for logging and such, and since I do in fact know how we set all of that up at work, I can do all of that without causing much disruption.

Okay, so maybe I'll give you another shot, Friendy. I won't even shame you into eating mushrooms.