[ insert well-deserved groan here... ]

One of the first things I have to get organized in my head and on the cloud is my git repositories for wirix and wirix-source.

Part of the problem I face, being a newbie at this is the task of constructing the branches and tags for versioning and work. I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm doing just yet, so while I create all of the smaller semantic stuff that I can at the moment, I also have to take a few courses to learn exactly how to achieve it all.

I spent a good day learning about all I needed to know to get started with git in any form of a competent manner and so far things are looking up. I will have another post up on some of the seemingly unrelated issues that I had in regards to this whole thing.

The first dot release of 0.5.0 (codenamed armitage)will be a simple execution of the LFS layout and compilation, more of a proof of concept than anything else. Then I can start to build towards the more official and hopefully usable 22.05 (codenamed bobby). This gives me almost a full year to work on this and put it all together before the release that I would call a "real" one, 22.10 (codenamed case).

I will keep armitage in the repo until case is released, and then I'll probably drop it.