i know what i expected

I thought that perhaps this Mycroft thing would do what it said on  the tin, and the fact of the matter is that it just doesn't. I'm going  to have to fight with it, coax it, and wrestle with it. There is no  doubt in my mind that this will be a work in progress, and I have no  idea why that never quite occurred to me before. But all good things  seem to come with a good bit of that.

The primary issue is that where they tell you the files are at to  work with is not usually where they actually are, so to start one has to  try and hunt down the file to edit, then when you edit it, everything  goes back to their damned cloud server where your settings get  re-written.

A lot of fluff and bullshit this is. Enjoy it, I do not. They tell  you that if you want a standalone system, then you disconnect from their  cloud and add your own API keys. Then you get to witness phrases about  how they are weighing the idea of how to do a personal server.

I also ran into another issue where I got the bright idea to install  Gitlab on my primary web server. Next thing I knew, PostgreSQL was  trying to shack up with MariaDB, and the ole girl wasn't having it. I  planned to shift the web stuff to the web server, and the bots to their  own server and deleting the one in common. After all, it was a tad  larger than I liked, and is costing me about 4 times more. But in the  end, I got a good eviction on Gitlab and the PostgreSQL troll, and all  is better.

I knocked off the twin in the Netherlands. There is really no point  in the expenditure at the moment, I'm not using them, and had nothing on  them. It makes more sense to put that money where it can actually bear  some kind of useful fruit. After all, let's be honest. It was a bad  idea, and it was really more just to placate myself than to achieve  anything. I don't believe that was the way it was meant to go, but that  was how it ended, and they died a fiery digital death.

thinking out the inevitable

Building the things that are in the coming projects is actually a  thrilling thought. It is certainly one that has been in the back of my  mind for at least 20 years. The technology was not around when I got  into the industry, and honestly, with what I can tell you from the  beginning of this post, it's still not quite there yet which is  precisely where I come in.

I have a few days left to get the preparation down, get the game plan  together and execute. I'm not waiting to execute, you understand,  simply waiting to tell people that I am executing. I am also  committing to getting more of these thoughts down in a digital form  where they are secure and can be saved for those after me.

It's time to do things, time to get the system that I always wanted  to have, and a time to get more done. I think that the STT (speech to  text) improvements on the laptop will benefit me because I can get more  documented than sitting around trying to formulate things in my mind and  thus wasting moments that are needful.