One of my favorite jobs back in the day was working with a network forecasting software company that later was purchased by Hewlett-Packard and got rolled into their HP-Openview product. I worked with some incredible guys, I was number 4 in the support team, and was paired up with another guy where we were the junior front-facing tier. But we were technically Senior Network Engineers, so all was well in the world.

The highest level guy there was a gentleman that the company had garnered by fishing out CS professors, and he had been a professor at UC Long Beach, a school I would later attend for Army ROTC. And he is wholly to blame for my now long love for smooth jazz.

I'd never even heard of it before, but he was playing it softly, and he said that it helped him to think. For me, that was always a loud cacophony of metal and cyberpunk electronica. But I tried it. And it stuck.

I'm listening to it now.

Today was a day where I had to come home to a few things, the i3 window manager being one of them. I think I had grown back into myself enough where I earned the right to get things back to the awesomeness I usually demand of myself, and right now it is working. I am getting proficiency back dealing with networking and command line functions, so the education I have been force-feeding myself is apparently working.

I also got mutt to work for the first time, ever. That, to me, has been the hallmark of a true geek, to be able to set it up and have it working, and I finally accomplished it. So a major hurdle and milestone have been passed, and though it might seem like a big deal to you, I'm really damned proud of myself.