Day T Minus One

I have decided that the only way to really get where I want to go is  to formally get involved in the challenge. There is so much I need to  and want to code, and this will most certainly ensure that I buckle down  and do it. So there we are, kids, I have involved myself in the 100 Days of Code It is simple in practice, but I honestly have no idea what I have  gotten myself into in terms of execution. But it is something that must  be done, and the whole premise is easy enough. Code for an hour (I'm  sure I can get that done), ponder it, log it, tweet about it, pass the  ammo to others, and then start all over again the next day.

100 times.

Then on for more. There are quite a few things that I hope to  accomplish with all of this including but certainly not limited to bash  scripting for the administration of my dual cloud servers and possibly a  third if I decide to grab it and spin it up.

There are also two websites I want to properly code myself from the  ground up instead of always depending on someone else's platform or  theme to be what makes it look good. To be honest, the front page I have  at is really a very cool theme that I did the usual admin style tinkering.  Sure, I have a little bit of modification that I did on the backside,  but frankly, the code itself was not mine, and there are corrections  that I need to make including figuring out how to get my font awesome 5  to work.

There are two BBS systems I need to work on code with. Mystic, the  closed-source one has handles with python and that is useful for me. The  other one, Magicka, has a lot more that can be done with it as it is  opensource and allows for Lua coding as well as probably some C code. It  also contains a sqlite3 database which has had a slight learning curve  since I come from the SQL world in proper.

In theory, I am supposed to learn all about how to create a logging  sorter with python, and I am looking forward to getting that information  and using it to my advantage on annwn and straylight both.

I wouldn't mind creating a good wake up email for myself that  collects the stats I need from both machines, smacks them together and  emails it to me. That might actually be one of the first things I  script, and yes, I'm including scripting with coding. Get over it.

Tomorrow is the first day. Right now, I am getting everything ready  to send that first tweet, pop out that first log, get that first work  done, and then roll with it.