learn a few things

Today was spent learning a lot more about processes and trying to  figure out the direction that I wanted my code adventure to turn to. I  am also beginning to appreciate the importance of a TODO list. One of  the things I have in the back of my mind is a chat vehicle to further  grab code and execute routines that will maintain the system procedures I  require to keep everything in check. I can use two technologies for  these sorts of things.

I am considering two pairs of projects that are only related in the  sense that they are bots, but they are very different bots and I will  thus be using different languages for them.

discord bots

At current, I have two different bots I am working on. Scottie  (Scotty from Star Trek) that my wife will be using on her channel  (actually, she currently already is), and Draigie that I will be using  on mine. At current, hers has some better coding, and I hope to fix all  of that in the near future.  

We will be figuring more of what we want and need them to do in the  future as time and needs progress. I want them to interact and also  provide information. As we both have rather different aims on our  channels, this will prove to be interested, and they both will have  sharp and snarky personalities.

rei is coming

I wrote a couple of blog posts about my laptop and how I was having  issues deciding what to do with the operating system I had installed on  there at the time. I have decided to maintain the OS I currently have  and try to maximise it to its greatest extent. I am giving the system an  identity (her) and calling it Rei. That is short for Rei Toei from  William Gibson's Bridge trilogy.

The coding environment for this one is going to mostly be in Python  3, and I spent some time thinking about this because Python 2 goes EOL  in 2020, and I plan on working on this entity (and using it) for much  longer than that.

I will very likely begin by converting some code I found over to  python3 and developing further from there. The goal is to create an  interactive process that connects to other sequences, rather than just  trying to make a huge overarching process. That way I don't really have  to worry about iterations of Rei quite as much unless I'm giving her  direct upgrades to technology. I also can then place the sequences that I  am using that isn't Rei (I will not be releasing her into the wild at  any time... It's a severe and necessary break with my usual open source  viewpoint) into the public domain for others to be able to benefit from.  

There are some things that should be weighed. I am using my 100 Days  Of COde to help sort some of these out, but I might begin the 301 Days  of Code Challenge presented by another friend of mine on Twitter to code  Rei. Yes, I will have three challenges running at once: The learning of  Cymraeg, the 100 Days for my other projects, and the 301 for Rei.

I sense a lot of work in my future, however it will help make me  better at everything I am planning to accomplish and I expect to learn a  lot from all of this, as I already am.