where have you been?

I've been slacking off in the update department, at least here. I  ended up doing a bunch with my laptop since I was getting too heavily  addicted to the MacBook. Ironically, that's what I 'm writing this post  on, but it's really not out of choice at the moment.

Several things have happened since that juncture, and I say  "juncture" out of respect to the late President George HW Bush, who  passed since my last post. I considered replacing the entire operating  system on the laptop, and I wrote about that, then I made a final decision and wrote that little update here.  So things have pretty much been set up as the direction I am travelling  in which is going to involve a whole lot of code, and perhaps these  challenges are the best place in which to learn them.

I am now getting addicted to the idea of seeing just how far I can  push the envelope of what my laptop can do. I am now building a need in  myself to be able to achieve the collection of mass amounts of relevant  data and work off of that. I need to customise all of my environment and  be able to go further and do better, resolve things more quickly and  build off of each level of learning as I get to them.

I need to be able to build things that are new, and it is becoming a drive.

Now I'm going to try and get some things configured.