revenge of the quad

I have been fighting to get four pictures together for the past three days, and with the tutorial from Brad Traversy, I finally figured the base parts of it out. So I  now have something that is viewable. Perhaps not the total of where I  want it to be, but that's the point, and it's part of the journey, so  any progress at all is good progress.

So I have enough for an easy day of coding tomorrow, since it will be  creating two other pages to go with the main page, and then iteration  two of the work begins, and that is roughly cleaning things up so that  they are in the pristine imagery I am looking for. Then it is the third  iteration to add functionality to all of the loose ends I have in the  pages, and once they at least perform the currently desired functions, I  can let them sit and move onto a different project for a week or two.

Not sure what the next project is as of yet, since I figure that it  will probably start next week, and will most likely be shell scripting,  so I am more focusing on the here and now.

HTML5 and CSS3 have been good to get my feet wet, and I can go back  to playing with FreeCodeCamp with a much more clear conscience.