Today was a good first start in Python and getting my feet wet. I think that part of my problem is actually deciding what I want to do with this stuff. Learning is always a fun endeavor, and has it's own thrill but not having a secure idea of the application can become frustrating.

I seem to swivel between feeling like I don't have the time left on Earth to do anything useful, to knowing that I do in fact have time to accomplish a lot if I apply my talents and knowledge, as well as the goals that should be sitting right there.

The path that I need to be on is getting closer... I can intrinsically feel it, which is a hopeful thing.

Also trying to move closer to the command line. I have discovered that I might not have the most CLI inclusive website in the world, and now I am beginning to reconsider that, or at least try to determine a workaround for it. I do love Ghost dearly and am not inclined to give it up. What I have noticed is that when you surf to the blog in lynx or w3m, then you can get the sections, but not the posts. Kinda defeats the purpose, right?

That's something I'll have to figure out. I can go ahead and use a little bit of graphical stuff for that, but I am trying to limit myself now so that I have a little more granularity on exactly what in the hell I am doing.

We live in a world of fonts, art, and just pretty, and the technologies that we use can sometimes be our undoing. I can lose hours just looking around at all of the shiny pretty stuff, but when I have to work at it, I get the information that I nee and don't waste nearly as much time.

I can spend hours jerking around with Twitter and Facebook when I could set up a mechanism to deal with just what I need to deal with and only interact where I need or want to. No more hours of figuring out what the story about a cute puppy is all about. I have shit to do, folks.

There is a pretty git application that I have loaded but honestly I do the bulk of my git commits and clones, pushes and pulls, all from the command line. So I don't really need them. It's the crusty old dirty pipe guy in the basement that has all the good fun, anyway. I wanna be that guy more.

I cut my teeth on man pages, and now when I talk about them I get laughed at, so in the back of my mind the old man comes out and thinks, "Well, aren't you just a little bitch!" Some of the old ways need to remain the current ways. I have considered the idea of a gopher server, or maybe an anonymous FTP just to be an ornery fuck.

The more that I play with Python, the closer to the reality I want I seem to get. So let loose the snakes of war!