I had to take a week off because I kinda changed jobs, but didn't. Not explaining that, but I did get a title improvement out of it, so we'll just go with that.

Also did some thinking and checking out what I've been doing. A lot has been scattered as I pretty much tried to find my place in everything, and there has been a firehose of information opened up on my head as I realized that I still have my love of networks and all things networking. Python is going to have the poison that I pick, and I need to get incredibly proficient at using it.

Now the first questions are what the little things are I want to build to get my chops up on it. Little things that I can use at the command line, which is the place I normally live, and what are the small pieces of code that could make my life easier.

I know that I want to specialize in Python 3, because, let's face it, Python 2 is gonna die sometime, but 3 will be with us for some time now.

Right now the name of the game is converting what I have learned in other languages and using it all in Python as well as making the code work for me. So all wheels are spinning in the realm of learning the system as intimately as I can, and learning python enough to interact with it.