Part of learning is being hungry. If you aren't hungry for the knowledge that you are chasing, you're never gonna chase it with any effect or explosive impact. Trust me, I've done enough dicking around in that arena in my lifetime.

Right now, I am back in Linux, networking and other such subject matter. It makes no sense for me to simply spend my time learning how to make pretty webpages, although I really like the idea of that, the core desire has been chasing something that was usable directly for me.

Cloud is also good because I get to build my own little cluster.

Have you ever seen the movie Johnny Mnemonic? I will be the first to admit that I am quite obsessed with it as well as everything else in the Gibson Universe. We won't get into the discussion from where the movie devolved from the story, simply to point out about the Low Teks and Ice-T's character when he was referring to "Heaven". Id' like that in a cluster form.

Been around a while, so I've saw technology move here, there and everywhere. There are also many more things that need to be defended from in this day and age, and I'd like to get on the front of it to minimize any hiccups in life.

Now the name of the game is to re-learn all of the networking and the old skills I had so I can apply them to my own cluster and improve my efficiency now.