I never expected to be in the world of the non-SQL database, but here we are. Perhaps I should quit saying never and just assume that I will touch just about everything at least once at some point.

Everything seemed to start off well enough, I had fired up the two Discord bots I have on the table and realised that I also needed to work with a generic chatbot to learn that mode of operation as well, so I grabbed a specific book that I will very likely name later, only to discover that it involves MongoDB and that is set up on reitoei now. It's right smack in the middle of my development space so there is that now.

So why another bot? Very good question, and since I'm sitting here writing all about it, I might as well answer that question.

I need another bot because the other two are created to work with Discord, which as many of you know happens to be a chat program primarily created for gamers, but has now extended it to a level that covers so many other areas and is a nice communications point for so many other groups of people. The Discord bots can be programmed for many uses including administration, general interaction, and everything that sites like Facebook no longer adequately do.

Facebook became a thing of the past a few months ago for me, as there was very few people I actually felt like talking to on there, and my feed was filled more with people either wanting to sell me bad ideas or outright bullshit than there was anything useful or helpful. I was consuming too much wasted time and advertising and anything that I looked at online, whether for myself or researching for others cam out in the feed. At one point Groupon was trying to sell me gas grills, sundresses, women's underwear and golf clubs all at the same time.

I have a connection to absolutely none of those.

However a non Discord bot begins another set of challenges. An interface must be created, a purpose must also be designed that is outside the scop of the other two yet aligns with the overall purpose of Rei, and I think that this one fulfills that. I do not want Rei to be full of bugs unless she has to be, and not at the outset. I can convert the codebase that I have in these over into the primary code for Rei as tests are successful, and grow in that manner. It just makes more sense.

So now, I am working with Mongo for the first time as I create this new chat bot. Tomorrow is an off day / catchup day, so I will hit everything again on Monday.