I took the Hour of Code at Khan Academy because The Odin Project sent me there.

I'm not sure that it took me a whole hour since it was a lot like the Sybase SQL that I cut my teeth on as a young DBA way back in the day. Like right before 2000 kinda back in the day. I made another discovery, and that was that I needed this for another thing I have been playing with to save myself time and energy.

I do a lot of typing and writing, way too much actually, and it takes more time than I would like, and then that time is taken away from the things that I would prefer to be doing.

So one of the things that I do is online reviews of places I stay, things I eat, and what I buy, so on. It's a bit of a public service. But it is also largely opinion, and I am finding myself frustrated having to try and remember things after the fact because I didn't handle it at the time due to the fact that life is right there in the middle of everything else.

What I realised is that I can automate all of this with a properly designed database and webpage / application that can take the punch ratings I give it in an app, calculate a score, and along with a little help from Rei, I can generate three separate reviews per thing that I am reviewing that are ready for presentation. One for the didly online sites, one for my own website, and the full ad nauseum detail for my Patreon site.

It might take a little while to program, but once done, it will do in seconds what would normally take me hours. I think that is very likely a good usage of my time in this 100 Days of Code. Especially right now.

To begin with, I will use SQLite to handle the database portions because it is really only going to be using this thing anayway and I won't need too much overhead to pull it off. No need for a big MySQL database and extravagant package. Plus the point of all this is to learn anyway, right?

My git skills are getting much better. Now I am ready to start  getting my zsh sortcuts under control so I can make that even faster.

Plus typing. My typing still sucks.