I pretty much began today as a cheat day. I have been working on this stuff for a while but I need to get back into documentation and getting other things together.

Updated the lovely Rei to Buster (Debian 10) and now I have a battle with the screen timing out, and when that happens, everything goes into hibernation and any attempts to return to normalcy result in the laptop going into shutdown. I need to fix that ACPI crap again. I hate it. I am plugged in. I don't have a battery problem.

Also have a new program in my cluster for all this coding stuff called Taiga and I am trying to get a solid hang of it because it is something that will become very necessary for me and everything I am working on.

The need to type more proficiently is also another goal I have. In the quarter century I have been using keyboards, I have never really learned to type so I am having to do it late in the game.