The job was simple enough. Create a tribute page to anyone in particular that had enough information about them to be remotely important. It was much more about the design than the actual content, and I could appreciate that. I also didn't want to take all day trying to figure out who I specifically wanted to use and then hunt all of that information down.

I picked someone I was quite familiar with and someone I was actually inspired by to make everything much easier. That person was the Cistercian monk and priest Thomas Merton.

He was known for much more than being a religious figure, although that is the very context that he operated in. He had the ability to expand who he truly was in ways that have impacted generations following him. In fact, I came to Earth two years after he met his demise.

building the site

I did what many coders do, and that was rob and pillage the available code to create something new. That is what we do, don't kid yourself. If the original piece was not pretty much what I had wanted to do I suspect I would have performed the task another way, but it was exactly within the parameters of what I had in mind, so I used it.

Frankly, much of this task was a cut and paste job into an editor, correcting the contents, and then taking out all of the scripting that would have given it all away so that I had a good useable core. Then that went into the gist, and we were off to the races.

Yes, I did learn something from it, so nothing was lost in the process, which is important when communicating any particular items to an audience of any type as life is simply too short for inane production.

I am sure that I could have done things with the CSS to make the appearance different, perhaps more aesthetically pleasing, but my point was just to get the damned thing done, so black and white worked fine for me.

i have limits

There was no sense going overboard with all of this. After all, I wanted to complete a task, as I am going to have to learn C# now for Unity development, and I really need to feel a sense of getting things accomplished. I am falling behind on that, and it is a common source of my aggravation because there simply has to be something left behind. Life is too short, and I feel a drive to not leave myself out of it.

I have looked into several things to help me and even looked into some forms of dating classes on video. Not because I want to date, I have that wrapped up. But I have a very big issue articulating what it is I want out of people and interacting with them.

Some of the topics are good in the business world in having conversations that one needs to articulate a vision and communicate that in some sort of meaningful way. Now I can see what some of my weak points were in my vast past history, and frankly, I rather pissed off at myself because now I am seeing what could have been, and that does not please me.

I now realise that I could have been in a much different place than I am now, and everyone might have been talking about me rather than an Elon Musk or a Sir Richard Branson. More importantly, some of these visions might actually be reality right now. They do absolutely no good inside my head.

Another thing that I discovered is that basically, the male gender is a bunch of pricks when viewed from the female perspective. The conversations in the mini-courses frustrated me because I would never speak to another person in the ways their test subject did, but I know people who would speak that way, and they are the very people I avoid.

don't be a dick

Yes, I did learn a few things about myself and where I was coming up short, the basics I was missing, but also realising that I don't have to be that jerk. I can accomplish the same focal points without being an ass.

The takeaways remained the same, and when I no longer want to beat the piss out of the person they are using as the example guy, I will see what else I can learn.

I did use this in public recently and found I could talk to absolute strangers even more easily than is normal for me. I helped an 80-year-old lady pick out her hair colour because she could not bend over to pick it up, and was able to enjoy a story about how she did not plan on showing any grey hair until they buried her, and at 80, she still wasn't planning on booking any funeral home appointments yet.

I can appreciate that.

mass consumption

I have also been thinking about how we consume media, and what the overall purposes of this are. Sure, we have a bit of a responsibility to ensure that it all is not trivial, that there is meaning somewhere within it, yet it all comes down to intent and execution.

I tried to do that with this little project... to give the viewer at least a takeaway that will pique their interest and not leave them with zero to show for it all.

As we learn to develop, we end up developing in our own ways, and perhaps that is some of the beauty of this challenge, to allow us to refine and become something greater than what we all were when we began.

Any major journey seems to have this in common, it's the hero's journey, as it were.

i still have goals

I have a goal when I write all of these pieces, the first and foremost is that I am able to get 1000 words down on whatever topic I am writing on for that day, and not to waste the reader's time while doing it.

Hopefully, I have done that here.