It's like someone walked up, handed you a box of knotted ropes, and said, "If you can actually untangle this crap, you will have all of the rope that you will ever want or need."

We've begun. That isn't the problem. The much larger issue now is to consistently progress in the direction we are aiming for. From scratch. Without ever having done anything remotely similar to this, ever.  I have no illusion that it is beyond me. I know I can learn and can accomplish this. In fact, I will do this.

These challenges improve me on a technical level, and they also force me to improve in other ways as well. Once you are in a challenge or a regimen such as this, there is nowhere to hide, only to produce, to figure out, to create.

All of these projects seem to intertwine, and even though I did not  design it this way, I must admit that I am glad that they do. More time to throw at the thing. I require a foundation for all of the work that is being done. Lots of time, lots of music, lots of human CPU cycles as well as the system end of it. I can get frustrated with the fact that I am having to learn everything almost with training wheels on, and it certainly feels like it. But at the same time I can appreciate that the project itself is beginning with training wheels.

I am seriously considering flipping my time slots, probably beginning next Monday in order to get the alignment right. If the 100 Days is the one providing the base and the framework with what I am building in regards to Rei, then it only makes sense to have that portion of work performed earlier in the day than my 301 Days work on Rei.

I have also considered the idea of creating a couple of chatbots on a node.js instance to get my hands dirty with it. I think that might also be the better way to actually do something different while working on the other fundamentals. At least I will be able to get those other bots up and running and move that capability over to Rei when the time is more appropriate and I have more of this coding and scripting under my belt.

I have decided to use this period in the beginning to create a few chatbots in node.js as they are part of the overall project, and they can be worked with independently of the foundational work. It looks as if I will be supplementing my knowledge with MongoDB. I now have the server installed, but the next mode of business is to take the code I currently have for my Scottie bot and get it persistent again. It was working just fine until the miscreants messed it up on the other server. This one is managed by the hosting, and will be blocked off totally and piped directly to the points it actually needs.

At the moment Scottie is intended to work on Discord for an undisclosed channel, but I also have Draigie that I now have to re-create from scratch. Yeah, they mucked that up, too.

So today has been centered around getting up and alive in a node.js world.