Day 2

Today was primarily working with the skeleton of the new website as  well as fighting with Nginx, who kept wanting to give me a file to  download on Firefox. I imagine that I will end up flushing my cache on  that one, which will be a little disappointing but should solve the  problem. At least that problem.

I have a few of the images ready for use, but not all of them. I also  have a basic idea of what I want to create, and I have considered  wireframing it in GMIP, but that is going to be a little bit of work  that I'm not certain I want to undertake just yet. Depending on how  tonight goes at work, I might go ahead and get it done. We'll see. I  have about an hour from writing this before I have to get to all of  that.

So what I have right now is a quite rinky-dink list of the sections  with vague background colours I won't be using but let me know just how  good I am doing in the most general sense. The other part of this  challenge I am liking quite a bit is now reaching out and meeting fellow  people that are participating in the challenge, as well as the folks  over at SSIW (Say Something In Welsh). I've missed Aran. I'll admit it. I  just like that guy and believe in what he's doing.

The takeaway for today, that did end up a little on the frustrating side is that I am going to get there on both challenges. It is going to take some good  work and time put into both, however, I am confident that the results  will be astronomically worth it.

So enough of the happy chit-chat and feels. I should probably outline what I am doing. This is a development blog, after all.

the base design

I am roughly breaking this into three workable sections, first a mast  that will provide a nice front image as I have over on the blog that provides the first image response for the site. I haven't decided  yet whether I want to stay with the more Cymru landscape concept for  that or the more cyberpunk technical aspect. I have quite a few images I  can play with until I find the one that stirs me.

The second set is what I call "the quad". It is four images that represent four different things in the whm family. Both of the BBS systems, my Discord server, and what will soon  be my Discourse server. I will be changing the font faces for these, and  will most likely carry them over to the various platforms for the sake  of continuity.

My design for these is to have the buttons in closest proximity to  each other on the inside corner, and the names of the sites on the  outside corners. In this manner, one must take the whole four-image  sequence in together at once.

The third section is one that I plan on being heavy on Font Awesome  5. It should run in a horizontal line, comprised of three sections, the  first being the server technologies whm is using, next, the major platforms I specialise in, and the final being a decent list of my social media accounts.

I do have the cosmetic items like the navbar and the footer figured  in there, and my goal is to get this set up where the composition is  together in a rough but workable format, and then improve it, such as  shifting many of the HTML things over in CSS and tweaking the code for  better appearance, and possibly bring in some javascript in after that.

Then it will be time to see what else I can bring to the site.

But that was today's work. On to tomorrow!