I know what a lot of my problem is, and I'm going to begin fixing it.

I did not pick something that was easy to do, I picked something rather difficult, and it is entirely possible that I did it with intention. It is one thing to be a programmer and decide that you will pursue machine learning as a focus. That sounds cool, that sounds expected. It is something entirely different to be a systems operator that has never had to script anything, deciding to become a programmer after having had a difficulty in aptitude to coding, let alone machine learning.

But if there is anyone that has the ability to learn it, get it done, and absolutely love it, that would be me. I'm going to have to face that fact and live up to it rather than talk about it. This means a lot of lost sleep, a lot of brain hurt, and much suckitude. That's just the way it all has to be.

So many new things to learn, and the sooner that I relate to it like I did my first drive from the East Coast to California all of those years ago, eyes full of wonder, self-reliant and eager to become a new young man, the better off I will be.

This is a short post today. I didn't get a lot done, and I had excuses for that. They will stop. Monday is a new scrum for me, and things have to happen. If I don't let the excuses take hold, then the successes can fill their slot.

Monday is back to the script, and back to get the bots started. I can plan outside of those times, and catch up with the paperwork before the next day. No more typing the messages out the next day or fidging. it has to be done on time, every time. I know people that know me well enough to expect no less.