learning to be had

I have spent the last few days that I haven't been updating the dev  blog here reading book after book and supplementing my learning with  python3 practice at SoloLearn. I am beginning to get an idea of how  python works as well as getting more of an idea of how I want to plan  the full system.

The whole procedure falls into a base idea that one does not want to  fully re-create the wheel. I am also realising that I will need to  create and tailor certain system processes to proper usage and automate  quite a few others.  This can take some time, or I think I can speed it  up with a few tools I can very likely get my hands on and modify. Things  like what I am doing right now would be quicker if I could do them by  voice and then proofread them.

It would save me a lot of typing time, wrist pain, and spelling  errors that I have to continually go back and fix because I seem to  overtype everything.

I also have another idea that is eating at me now that I have begun  both of these 100 Days projects. I am considering founding another  initiative, one that I can pretty much devote a large part of my life  towards. I am thinking that with Brexit and the withdrawal and  separation of the Celtic Nations out of the United Kingdom, much of our  future success will depend on our infrastructure. A mass effort needs to  be initiated to converting our technologies to a more Celtic  environment.

It should be easy for people to get applications and operating  systems in all Celtic languages, the Brythonic and Gaelic. This might  require a solid footprint on the platforms most conducive to such a  rollout.