Day 1

Today was the first day of participating in the challenge for 100  Days Of Code. I decided that the first thing that I was going to  accomplish with this was the coding of my primary website, and then  translate that over to the individual server sites.  At least also code  the website for the BBS server. This is the primary website for the  domain of this server, as it is primarily for work and coding, and I  really don't want to override it.

This server does however also host the blog and the primary domain  website. That's what I really mean. And so far, so good. I did learn  some things today since I have to start all over learning HTML and now  its HTML5 and CSS3, so there is all of that to throw into the mix, not  mentioning the other technologies that are also part of it all.

I was able to connect Font Awesome into the index.html, but my issue  is that it is linked to the CDN, and not the copy I have here on the  server. I will have to fix that in the next few days. It's not a  critical issue, and I can cross that bridge once I get all of the heavy  lifting over and done with. For tonight, I still want to do some coding,  and that will most likely not fall into my 100 Days stuff, but I will,  of course, be documenting it all here so that I have it to look back on  later.

So I am probably going to spend the next hour or so wireframing on  paper what it is exactly I want to see on both pages, how I want them  laid out, and perhaps a few other dreamy things as far as design, then  it's off to go accomplish them. I need to have good looking sites of my  own design if I want to be serious about this stuff right?

So that is that.

Day 1, down.