I'm just putting this right here.

Social media has been an interesting thing lately, the big three that I can think of choke everything and try to sell you the rest. I've wondered what it's good for, and what I can actually get out of it that could be useful.

It's like being in a crowd at an event. You feel the thrill of the crowd, but most times like you're one-off from it all, like the world's going on around you and you're strictly an observer. For all of your time and trouble, you get to give away all of your PII (personally identifying information) and that's no bueno.

I found this cool social network called Manyverse, but it's useless to me at the moment because you have to invite friends that have the app. That's a bust, boss.

So on to Diaspora it is.

On a complete side note, I have a pair of JLab earbuds that are that weird relationship. I love them, and then they get into a mood, one works and the other doesn't. after about 45 minutes everything straightens out. I think I'm actually turning one of them off.

These things have so many functions they should practically be can openers on their own.

Diaspora allows me to also post to Twitter at the same time, so that is a function I can get excited about and I'll use that one as much as I can. It keeps me from wandering down rabbit holes online, and I will probably look into ways to even automate that more.

Soon I'll have those accounts linked here on my site and you can reach me there.