I couldn't wait. Sometimes the world of petience is not my best friend, so I went ahead and moved everything on reitoei to Debian 10.0.

Haven't noticed anything earth-shattering, and I certainly have no complaints other than the fact that it picked up a power-saving setting I had to hunt down and kill with fire because it would send her into hibernation, then when you used the only button available to wake her up, she went into shutdown.

Very frustrating.

But I managed to get that knocked off and things seem to be better now. I also had to get a few other things into gear. I am still a novelist, and I have been working a little here and there at the ends of my shifts, even if for a little while. But the 100 Days and the 301 Days had to get back on the rails.

I'll talk more about that in the next post, but I have basically taken a track of study that is going to hurt, but is going to get me good and started.