So, Melanie's having a few issues.

The first time I started her up, everything was fine for the most part. But today, when I started my hard testing for switchover, she seems to have issues with the Qualcomm Atheros wireless NIC I have installed. It stays up for a few minutes and then dies.

I mean, there's so much more pain going on at the moment, but I still haven't figured this one out. I have another instance of Melanie installed on an older HP laptop, but the battery has taken a nosedive, and I won't get the new one in until Wednesday, two days from this writing.

That system has an older NIC, but it is dependable under these circumstances and has been tested and prevailed before.

I'm sure I'll figure this one out in time, but the thing I am also having a bear fight with is the speed of the network around here.

Retrieving configuration...
Testing from AT&T Services (snip)...
Testing download speed:
Download: 9.01 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed:
Upload: 1.22 Mbit/s ```

You see what I mean.

Sometimes they're even, sometimes they are even, less. But the provider puts a 10Mb cap on the bandwidth, so I've been trying to figure out other options. I tried my phone tether earlier today, and the speeds were slower under a speed test, but the big issue was that the phone hotspot disconnected, too. So this thing cut itself off from four different devices, one of them not even on the network I'm dealing with. I'm inclined to blame the Debian 11 / NIC interaction at this point.

It's also possible and somewhat probable that I have something mis-set somewhere. It's happened before. The obstacle is keeping the connection up long enough to pull the tools I need to investigate it.

So Melanie is not getting her first shot at stardom tonight. And that's where the brewing part of our discussion comes in. I had to take another look at the MacBook. I would prefer to take a long look and dump it in a river somewhere, but it ain't mine, so I gotta be all ginger about it.

I pulled all of the old programs I wasn't using anymore off of it, leaving only a few critical ones that I do use to get around hurdles from time to time, like Gimp. Did a bunch of upgrades on the shell side, since I'd prefer to trick that out the most.

The thought had crossed my mind that I could load Virtualbox onto the Mac and then run a smaller core Debian 11 from that. Hasn't been completely ruled out, but I really need it thinner so that it isn't giving me that stupid spinny thing all the time at the worst possible moments.

I moved to the Brave browser for all of the non-critical things that could use it. While some things are still slower than I'd hope for, I do take into account that the bandwidth just isn't there, and I have my memory usage down a lot. Learning to do even more things from the command-line will always do you justice in the long run, kiddos.

As we stand right now, a new battery comes in on Wednesday as well as a nice 4 system KVM switch to hook everybody together in a little chain for quick access.

Should be real.

Should be fun.

We'll see how it goes.