yes, I upgraded a week later.

Perhaps it sounds crazy but I have this thing for things being up to  date. I have seen it not go for the better in the past with all of the  JSON/ XULrunner garbage back in 2012, but I still have a thing for  having my systems all up to date.

So I am upgrading right now to Fedora 29. I could be doing other things, and in fact I am doing other things, but this was some thing that had to happen since I currently have about all day to do it.

I don't really suspect that for me there will be much noticeable difference, as I run i3 as a window manager anyway, but perhaps there is something in the  system setup that will be made faster. better, stronger. We shall see  over time. Let's just hope I didn't miss some news and Fedora 30 is  right around the corner, waiting for me.

Then I had the battle with chyrp on the PHP front. I changed a  setting or two in my admin panel because I am trying to get RSS feed to  work better on both blogs and somehow I either didn't have or magically  dismissed php-mbstring, which caused all of my feeds to lose their Markup formatting.

Here's how my brain tends to work, I am ashamed to say.

I saw that and immediately tried to fix the settings back the way the  were. That did not help. I checked on my phone in order to eliminate  the possibility of it being cache on the web browser. So far, not so  good, but here's the part that I am picking bones with myself over. As I  have been spoiled in Linux with it now becoming Window/Apple-ized, I  forgot to hack it out. I was just going to replace Chyrp. Delete it and  start it over and go have a good cry somewhere.

I thought, "Wait a minute. I just spent eight hours getting paid to do this for other people. Why am I giving up so easy?"

Okay, well to be fair, here's why. My job is to find the problem and  hand it to developers to fix. I don't fix them myself. I had to fix this one myself, and I got lazy.

I researched the issue, found I was missing the PHP package,  installed it, all is well in HappyLand. I do have a few projects I plan  on working on immediately. One of them is to build a CMS type instance  from the ground up using the starting point here and using it to work with the different readings I do so I have them at hand in a quick fashion.

I am also looking at transitioning my sites from my work to annwn and getting my whole remote/GIT thing under control on the home server  as well. On one hand, I would like to use the home server as a remote  workstation, but at the same time, I think it would be more prudent to  have a replicated development platform on tintern to build from and just let the server be the production it needs to be.

I don't want to move the domain because I have a problem with work,  or anything of that  nature. I love my employer's resources, but it  would serve me better to have it all contained because then it is on my  dime, in my house, and if I need to sell of themes or packages I write  in the future, there is no conflict of interests there. I am determined  to keep my hands clean there.

I am also highly considering keeping most of my stuff off of the Big  G, and am very likely going to shift my domain email over to Kolab.

But wait, there's more! I am also planning to re-do my phone. Pay to  jailbreak it, strip out the Big G components and shift to an opensource  platform on the phone (and finally change the number). So I am itching  to get started on this, from planning it out to actually building the  foundations and rolling with it. All of these really cool lessons I have  been learning at FreeCodeCamp are getting stuck in my craw.

With that, I am going to get back to work!