I have spent the past weekend going over how to create ANSI and ASCII  art. Why? Because I am going back to the old ways of doing things in  addition to all of the future ways of handling data. It occurred to me  that the BBS world had a lot to offer, but not a lot of good developing  devoted to it. The world now has many more developers, and the BBS scene  is beginning to grow again. I have chosen to also become involved in it  while I try to find ways to escape the Big G and the constantly  emerging world of selling off every shred of data that is connected to  us, without us really benefiting in the least.

So I spun up a new baby server, straylight, and it  is going to handle those functions as far as BBS and probably an FTP  server. I have things on tap that I am willing to share to the right  participants. I also want to get them off of tintern in the event that I need to wipe it and replace the Fedora. Then I have everything I really want to save on the server.

So I wasted a good bit of the weekend working on ANSI and ooing over  the art and trying to create my own, which is silly because I am looking  more at the nitty-gritty kinda stuff. Old Skool ASCII should work, so I  will probably go back and hammer those out and get it all launched and  up for testing.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Avon at The Agency BBS and very much like both his videos and the BBS he has set up. I am  obviously going with a more cyberpunk theme, since most folks know  Straylight was the complex of the Tessier-Ashpool clan that housed the  two supercomputer AI constructs Wintermute and Neuromancer in the William Gibson novel of the latter name.

So why not.

I am also starting a new monthly e-zine that I plan on keeping solely  on the BBS network and not posting to the website in order to keep  folks in the game. Sure, it will probably leak. Whatever. It's free.

I also plan on using the Python handlers to create more things as I  learn Python that might be of use to other Sysops and also help myself  gain some expertise in both BBS and Python programming.

It has been an adventure getting back into the swing of relying more on the terminal, but I guess that was partially the point.